90% of clients said they were satisfied before they defected to a competitor.

What do your current customers believe about your business? Do those beliefs help or hinder your ability to retain them over a longer spending life cycle?

Time spent on the ‘Health Check’ phase is dependent on the size of your business, how wide a sample you require and what tools are utilized.

Your Options:

Interviews: Using a set of questions and points for discussion agreed with you, Greg will talk to Staff, Customers, Suppliers and other Stakeholders (funders, government, advisors) and request their feedback

Mystery shopping & cold calling- various modes of observing, listening and intuiting customer experience quality. What’s the customer experience like for me as a potential customer?

Desktop audit Review of on-line commentary. What is being said about your business on social media, review sites and community notice boards?

Net Promoter System. A comprehensive, internationally recognised tool that asks just two questions to give a business owner an exceptional amount of easy to interpret, qualitative and quantitative data.

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