So you have spent all week busy. Any supervisor or colleague could only be impressed with your productivity. You ticked off the things on your to-do list, clarified and reassessed your figures and filled your diary with important tasks and meetings for next week.
And that’s exactly what your competitors did too!
If you now asked your customers, ‘are you proud of what we achieved with you this week?’, ‘How is your life calmer, healthier, more connected, safer or some way better for your engagement with us?’ ‘How did we make you feel while we were working on that task for you?’ Then that may provide alternate insights into how productive you really were.
Did you do things the competition would never dream of doing?
‘Busy’ helps us compete, to win. It turns out that your customers generally don’t care if you win or lose. They want to feel significant, of value, recognised, cared for.
That’s the key to retention and sustainable business having an unfair advantage – it’s about caring. Simple but not easy!
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