Empathise: Delight: Profit.

Empathise: Delight: Profit.

At 82 her eyes had deteriorated to the point she could no longer drive. June reluctantly moved into the independent living facility. The community bus would take her to appointments but the prospect of being forgotten for a pick-up was horrifying.

June had been in the habit of getting her hair done once a quarter. Her friends suggested her ‘do’ heralded the change of seasons. Now that she was somewhat stranded, an outing to the hairdresser seemed impossible.

That was until June noticed many of the residents with all manner of coiffeured improvements. It seemed there was hope yet. Upon further enquiry, she learnt that a local hairdresser provided not only hairdos but taxi transport for those within a 5km radius!

If June had been a regular quarterly customer of that salon she would have spent $320 per annum. As a monthly, cared-for visitor she now spent $880 (assuming 11 visits per year). The salon team ‘got it’ that simply by making June feel safe by paying for a taxi ride home, everyone won!

A very conservative estimate puts the salon ahead by $360 per annum per customer. It so happens there are 56 female residents of that nearby retirement facility most of whom now use the same salon.

That’s $20,000 extra income per year. For caring!

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