High Tea. High Touch. 1600% ROI

High Tea. High Touch. 1600% ROI

Max was stumped. Unsure. His efforts were just not good enough. His  Sydney furniture shop was struggling. While wonderful supplier relationships were solid and his local manufacturers were loyal, the purchasing power of the ‘big boys’ was crippling.

He hoped that installing a café in-store, advertising online and cutting prices he would be seen and heard over the din. It was not enough.

It turned out the solution was right under his nose each lunch time. The huge, old, timber table in the lunchroom soon became the centrepiece of a remarkable revival.

In an inspired moment, Max realized that creating a ‘royal experience’ in-store that resonated with his ‘guests’ (even if it seemingly had nothing to do with furniture) was the key.

The table decorations created ‘High Tea theatre’ and wax-sealed, royal invitations were sent to ladies on the database. His VIPs were soon raving about the High Tea experience and the shop is now known as Sydney’s ‘High Tea Central’. Clearly, Max cares and his figures reflect his dedication to his guests!

So what’s the ROI? Total investment in High Tea for 20 people at a time is $200. Average furniture and homeware sales generated from each High Tea event have been averaged at $3447. That’s a 1600% return on investment!!!

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