How To Turn $15 Into $1200 – Instantly!

How To Turn $15 Into $1200 – Instantly!
On a recent work trip to Perth a colleague, Paul, randomly chose and booked into a 4 star hotel he had not stayed in before. Paul is a sales training expert. He is discerning without being a snob, does not suffer fools and knows every sales trick in the book. Ok, Ok, he can be grumpy, especially after a long flight.
When he entered his hotel room he was compelled to take a photo and post it on social media. In the photo was the table in his room and on it a handwritten welcome note, 2 sealed bottles of drinking water and a creatively packaged bag of local artisan chocolates.
I rang him as soon as I saw the photo and asked three questions. 1. How did that welcome gesture make you feel? Answer: Cared for. 2. What do you think it cost the hotel to place that gift in the room? Answer: Perhaps $15? 3. Will you stay there again? Answer: Absolutely, in fact I’m coming to Perth 8 times in 2018 so I’m about to go to reception and book all of my dates. That’s a total value of $1200 to the hotel (if I only stay one night).
That’s a 7900% return on investment for the hotel!

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February 7, 2018

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