How to turn $40 into $75,000 – over and over again.

How to turn $40 into $75,000 – over and over again.

Jess felt isolated and responsible. She was at base camp alone as ‘teacher in charge’. The 80 X 16-year-old girls from her school were bushwalking for 10 days – on expedition. While the company running the program was competent and trusted, Jess knew 160 parents were paying close attention to every change in weather, every blog post and message from the field.

Saturday afternoon during light-hearted banter, the campsite cook asked if he could make her stay more palatable (literally), perhaps with a favourite meal? Jess joked about how breakfast in bed was her usual Sunday ritual.

On Sunday morning, on his day off, the chef was observed walking towards the teacher accommodation. In hand was a tray with a cloche covering a full cooked breakfast, coffee, orange juice and a flower from the garden. All delivered with spectacular effect to an unsuspecting client.

At the time, campsite management did not know that parental pressure was putting the following year’s $75,000 booking at risk.

Jess however, was now a secret weapon, a raving advocate for a business that empathized with her, engaged in a meaningful way that created significant delight and that demonstrated loyalty.

Back at school, at Jess’s insistence, a further three-year contract was signed. $40 in wages and ingredients turned into $225,000!!!

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