Jack, the hero maintenance man, just saved his boss $24,480!!!

Jack, the hero maintenance man,  just saved his boss $24,480!!!
 January 2018. While holidaying on Australia’s Gold Coast with my family a disaster of sorts struck. One of the two elevators in our 17-story beach side resort building broke down for 5 days!

Frustratingly, elevator wait times ranged between 10 and 20 minutes each way!
People were grumpy. Every guest I spoke to was adamant they would never return to this company for a holiday as management clearly did not care about them waiting ‘forever’ for an elevator. 

100% of management’s response to a serious customer experience problem is in the picture attached. Ouch! 

Jack came to our apartment on Saturday morning to fix a ceiling fan. He shared his embarrassment over the elevator debacle and his excitement about the plan he was about to take to the GM. Here’s what he convinced the GM to do.
Under every apartment door a message arrived. 

‘Dear Smiths, We recognize how frustrating it is for you to have this elevator break down at our busiest time of year. We take full responsibility and will update you via SMS as soon as we know more.

To apologise, pancakes, orange juice and coffee breakfasts are on us every morning in the restaurant from 7.30am to 9.30am until the elevator gets fixed’

Finally it seemed, management empathized and engaged us. But Jack had more up his sleeve.
The longest queues were in the lobby. Waiting there soon became a delight as Jack convinced his boss to employ a magician. Both adults and kids were thoroughly entertained so much so that the lobby became crowded at times with people watching the show.

  Anecdotal evidence suggests that Jack’s efforts led many guests to feel positive about their stay despite the elevator glitch. Back of napkin calculations indicate that by retaining just 10% of guests who would have otherwise defected, Jack saved his boss $24,440 in just 5 days. Jack really was a hero and we loved him for helping!
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February 14, 2018

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