Why Superman Doesn’t Fly Jetstar.

Why Superman Doesn’t Fly Jetstar.

Geoff was trapped. There was but one airline that flew from Newcastle. With only hand luggage, the check-in pleasantries went smoothly until….. ‘Sir, your carry-on bag weighs 8.3 kg’. Silence, accusatory stares and incredulous whispers whipped around the check-in counter like deathly ghosts of doom.

Jetstar villain, ‘Mr Adams you need to pay $40 and check your luggage through’ Geoff, ‘But that is the same bag & weight that I arrived with 2 days ago’ Jetstar villain, ‘Sorry Mr Adam’s, weight safety limits. 7kg only. Please comply. Villain supervisor,  ‘Mr Adams would you kindly pay the price for your indiscretion or eliminate weight from your bag. Geoff, ‘So you are telling me this 1.3kg difference is not something an Airbus 320, one of the marvels of human engineering, can cope with? Villain supervisor. ‘That is correct sir’.

The ghosts of doom spirited Geoff away. In full view, he emptied his water bottle onto the nearest pot plant, tucked his book into the back of his jeans, chocolates for the kids went into an inside coat pocket and chargers plus spare phone batteries into an external coat pocket.

Back to the counter for a 6.9kg weigh in. Geoff took a bow, slapped a few high fives among nervously waiting fellow travellers, filled his water bottle and promptly put everything back in his bag.

It turns out, the massive GE engines coped just fine.

And you thought Superman flew himself because he has superpowers. Nope. That suit just has nowhere to hide an extra 1.3kg at Jetstar check-in.

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