Your café did WHAT to get a 5100% ROI?

Your café did WHAT to get a 5100% ROI?

Mick had spent years as a General Practitioner (GP) in country NSW until one day the long hours, incessant pressure and constant giving, landed him in hospital. For weeks he was incapacitated and undiagnosed. 

Eventually released from hospital his treatment for chronic fatigue and related illnesses required a strict diet. Thankfully, good quality coffee was allowed!

Mick spent many hours relaxing, reading and drinking coffee at what became ‘his’ coffee shop. The one near the beach with the views up the coast. Friends, family and even his old patients increasingly supported that café as Mick casually talked about their caring approach.

After one Saturday breakfast Mick went to pay. The owner advised him, ‘today your meals are on the house!’ 

It turns out that the owner invested $80 that morning in a customer. When quizzed, she explained that every now and then she loved to surprise regulars with a little gift – a free meal. 

Mick instantly became a raving advocate of that café and shouted his loyalty from every platform possible! Back of napkin calculations revealed that over the following 6 months the spend from Mick’s direct referrals was an extra $4160. 

That’s a 5100% return on an $80 investment! 

How much money are you wasting on outbound advertising when investing in your existing customers ensures such massive returns?

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