Here’s what business leaders like you are telling us:

  • Starting or expanding your own business requires a tremedous amount of research and investment. Procedures, documentation, staff, finances and operational equipment need to be sorted
  • Mindset is crucial to success
  • The pervasive advancement of technology and online marketing requires new skills. No longer is it enough to pay, spray and pray with outbound marketing.
  • If you are online – structured video content and direct-response-marketing data collection are key

But wait there’s more!

You realise success when new customers purchase your product or service. You then notice they tend not to stay with you after their first purchase or trial. Assuming whatever it is you are providing solves the customer’s problem or effectively helps them into a new opportunity – something is missing – a subtle something that interrupts their follow-up with you.
Customer Experience may be your missing key!
Customer experience is so much more than customer service. Consider how one of the most successful brands on the planet, Disney, empathises, engages, delights and creates experiences for people who visit their theme parks, cruises or hotels. In summary the feeling you get as a guest is that Disney cares. What’s your version of ‘we care’? I suggest:

  • Say Thank You
    Customers feel more special if they are appreciated. Be careful not to appreciate in the same boring old ways as everyone else. Stand out, surprise & delight.
  • Get Customer Feedback
    Get your customers opinion toward your business. They don’t care about your challenges. Find out what challenges them. What pain you can reduce or opportunity you can offer. Feedback is about engagement before it’s about data.
  • Consistently Communicate
    Talk-to-your-customers. Never disconnect with them. It’s not about selling, it’s about sustaining relationships.
  • Highlight a Customer’s Experience
    Showcase your customers. Hang life size pictures of them in our reception area, (people like us doing things like this) anticipate their needs, include their stories, comment on them and show how valuable they were in your business. Support them if they have charity events, advocate for their business in your store or if you’re an online business, repost their topics, show that what they do is also valued. If you would like to know more, access tools and resources to help you complete a Client Retention Health Check then please click here to Contact Greg Today or go straight to Australia’s Best Retention Resources page here