Your GP keeps and eye on your physical health, your mechanic does a regular diagnosis of how your car is running and your accountant regularly analyses your finances. The feedback that results can be uncomfortable and if ignored, expensive.
When was the last time you checked on the health of your client and team retention strategy? Enquired with team members how likely they would be to recommend working for your company or for a client, how prepared they are to tell friends, family and colleagues about how dealing with you makes them feel?
Some of the more worthwhile questions to ask in an annual client retention review may be:

  • What are we now better at?
  • What ridiculous, client repelling rules have we eliminated?
  • Do people trust us more than they did?
  • Are we hiding, rationalising, disengaging more (or less)?
  • What have we done to astound and delight clients?
  • Who’s life is now better because of our work, especially if there was not a financial upside for us?
  • What have we learnt from our significant client retention failures?
  • Who are the ‘10 ton gorillas’ we have out-manoeuvred by being consciously client focused?
  • Where are we in bell curve of client retention? Leading the way, in the middle with everyone else or lagging behind?

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